The admissions process aims to be straightforward and is designed to help the transition to our Neurological Rehabilitation Unit be as simple as possible. The process can be completed promptly (often within a few days), and is dependent upon our assessment and funding approval.

The Process

Referrals are received from the NHS, Local Authorities, Continuing Health Care Teams, Legal representatives and families

A thorough pre-admission assessment will be completed by a qualified member of staff from the service.

A formal letter will be sent within 48hrs confirming bed availability and that we are able to meet and deliver the care and rehabilitation needs.

Funding will then be discussed and agreed (including an admission date).

A Review Meeting will take place at an agreed time, but usually between four and six weeks.

We encourage visits to our service by staff and family members.

The Four Key Stages

1. Pre-Admission

This is an essential process to allow us to identify whether our unit is the best place for you and that the service provided is one that will support and meet your rehabilitation requirements.

This process can be supplemented by you and family/friends as well as a team of professionals who may already be providing you with rehabilitation.

Our assessment criteria will gather information on a full range of health and social needs to ensure we know as much as possible about each individual. This is very important as the information collected will help us make the appropriate decisions in planning your individual care package.

This confidential information will assist the assessment process by helping our rehabilitation team build an appropriate support plan and rehabilitation program for each individual.

Following our assessment, if we feel we can meet your care needs, our assessment report and bed offer will be completed and sent to the referrer for funding approval.

In the event that our assessment process identifies that our unit is not suitable, we will offer advice on how to look for help in a more appropriate setting.

RCH Care Admission Criteria (this aims to provide some guidance in identifying if we can support you at our service).

The below are guidelines on our admission criteria but we consider each case on an individual basis which will be reviewed thoroughly as part of our assessment process.

Acquired Brain InjuryNot under the Age of 18
Over 18 years of ageSpinal Injuries
Neurological conditionsSevere behavioural problems
Respite CareMedically unstable
CatheterAlcohol related brain damage
Stoma/ColostomiesDrug Addiction
Low Awareness State 
Those who are medically stable 

2. The Placement Agreement

Having identified that a placement in our unit is appropriate and all parties have agreed, we will provide a contract outlining the rehabilitation and support you will receive while you are residing at our service. We will also agree on a mutually convenient date for the placement to commence.

Our brochure and information documentation will also be provided to you.

3. On the Day and After Admission

You will be advised what to bring with you prior to your admission date including personal affects agreed in advance. Upon admission, our rehabilitation team will work to make you as comfortable as possible in your new environment.

After joining our unit, each individual will have a Care Plan drawn together from the information collated through the assessment process. This Care Plan details the support that is required by an individual and provides our rehabilitation team with the information necessary to plan your specific care needs, rehabilitation goals and lifestyle choices. We value the important involvement of family and friends in this process.

The Care Plan is continually monitored, developed and reviewed with each resident, their family, friends and professionals to ensure that we maximise potential in the persons care and wellbeing.

4. Four / Six Week Review

The first four/six weeks of any placement is seen as a trial period after which a review will be held to ensure all parties are satisfied with care plans and expected outcomes.

Individual Care Plans and Rehabilitation Programmes are discussed between the resident, their family, the funding authority and the unit’s Multidisciplinary Team led by our Medical Consultant (Neuropsychiatrist Vanessa Raymont).

Our ultimate goal will be to facilitate discharge from our service and we will work with colleagues to achieve this objective.  We provide independent living bungalows to support this transition process.

Please remember you are always free to call us on 01234 213686 should you need any further information.